For all the saints who poured love and wisdom and hot chocolate into our lives,
For all the saints whose smiles and touch we miss the most,
 For all the saints who helped us find our voice,
 For all the saints whom we cannot bear to live without,
 For all the saints whom we have begun to forgive,
For all the saints who forgave us more often than we deserved,
 For all the saints whose lives continue in ours,
 We honor you this day.
 We hold your sacred life up to God.
 We bear witness to the future we have shaped out of your existence.
      —Rev. Vicki Flippin

November at Asbury will be a month of Thanksgiving.  We begin on Sunday, November 1 with our Annual All Saints Celebration. If you have not done so already, please send the names by Saturday, October 31, of any loved ones who have passed away in the past year for us to honor. Please send to:

The last Sunday of the month will be our celebration of Thanksgiving, as well as the first Sunday of Advent. Despite the pandemic, our Assistant Music Director Claire Collins is already preparing a virtual online Christmas pageant for December. Despite the challenges of these days, we are celebrating the great blessings which continually flow into our lives from our gracious God.

On November 15 we welcome the Rev. Dr. Gennifer Brooks as our guest preacher. She was the pastor of Asbury in the early 1990s. She is currently the Professor of Preaching at Garrett Evangelical, one of our prominent United Methodist related seminaries. She reminds her students that, “Preaching offers us an opportunity to encounter the Living Lord present in the words of scripture, and proclaimed through the words of the prophet, to the people of God. God speaks to us and through us, and as preachers we have an awesome responsibility as well as a glorious opportunity, provided by our gracious Lord, to declare, “Thus saith the Lord.”

Let us spend the month of November rejoicing and giving thanks to God for all our many blessings.