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Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

My goodness! Here we are preparing for Advent and Christmas once again. One of my favorite traditions in the church year is singing Silent Night, Holy Night in the darkened sanctuary as one candle shares the light with another until soft candlelight and music fills the space. I’m looking forward to this season when each week we will be celebrating 200 years of Silent Night and will reflect on the words and what they mean for us today.

When we gather to worship, we are doing so much more than seeing friends, singing songs, and listening to comforting and inspiring words. Every time we come together with inter-generational energy, we are allowing the Holy Spirit to create something deeper and more meaningful through the Asbury family. We share our light with every other person until the space is filled with the redeeming grace of Jesus that is then carried into the world.

Every time you make the choice to show up (or not show up), you impact the dynamic of our worship experience. Your voice, your presence, your soul adds to those around you to create a beautiful, unique Spirit infused celebration that glorifies God. Your presence matters! And when you are not present, you are missed. Your light is important.

In that spirit, as the hustle and bustle of the season begins to take hold, I encourage you to commit to Sunday worship during the four weeks of Advent. If you are unable to come, please let me know and we will find a way to bring the light to you. Let us make time each week to engage in the Calm & Bright that comes from joining with the Asbury family as we anticipate the birth of Jesus. I look forward to bringing our light together.

With peace, love, hope, joy,

Pastor Melissa