Pastor’s Page


We worship via Zoom and by phone. If you would like to receive the link to join us please call the church office at 914-271-3150 or send us an email at 

We are preparing for Hybrid worship, which will include in person in the sanctuary, Zoom and other forms of social media to begin in September. We are also planning for an outdoor in person worship service in July. 

Our vision for the next two years is to become a multigenerational, multiracial and multimedia congregation.  For a great example of how the young people are leading us in this new direction, see the creative way our confirmation class shared their faith testimony through art and poetry by clicking this link:

What ideas do you have to help us make this vision a reality and where are you willing to help?  What gifts do you have to offer? Please respond at  Here are some of the responses we’ve received.

MULTIGENERATIONAL:  How can we be more relevant to children, teens, young adults, young families, middle age adults, elders?  How can worship and other ministries be more intergenerational?

  • The bell choir has been an intergenerational ministry over the years. 
  • It’s good for children to read the morning scriptures.
  • Multimedia technology give opportunity for adults and teens to work together adding photographs and art to worship. 
  • The Wesley Class meeting system encourages people of all ages to meet together to discuss their faith.
  • It would be helpful to develop a youth group for pre-teens and teens, possibly even combining with other area churches.
  • Developing our Sunday School program, either before or during church

MULTIRACIAL:: As a white majority congregation in a white majority society, we want to make sure we are broadening our connection with the reign of God by also 1) hearing the experiences, perspectives and wisdom of people of color and 2) seeking justice for all people.

  • Several are happy we’ve put up a Black Lives Matter sign in front of the church
  • Could we partner with Black or Latino/a churches in Ossining?
  • The “Dear White Christians” study was really helpful
  • It’s great that we were able to support efforts in the New York Annual Conference toward racial justice
  • This is such an important part of our witness 

MULTIMEDIA: How can we broaden our experience of the Word of God to include art, music, and theater as well as more traditional forms of preaching and teaching?  How can we use Zoom and other technologies to broaden our outreach?  

  • Zoom has been an important way for our congregation to stay connected and even grow during this time of COVID 19.
  • Hope we can continue to offer a Zoom option even when we return to in-person worship
  • We may need to do some fundraising to enhance our media capabilities
  • It would be good to put up a screen for song lyrics and images as well as Zoom faces
  • Can we offer more of a variety of music – contemporary as well as traditional?
  • Can we build an arts program in the church?