Here’s a sampling  of Pastor Melissa’s recent sermons .

November 25,2018  – In his interaction with Pilate, Jesus directly speaks truth to power. He keeps his heart at peace, leaning into a higher power that resists physical violence while still maintaining a posture of active resistance through God’s truth.

How do we keep ourselves grounded in truth and goodness and resist compromising our values? As followers of Christ, our moral compass is set by an authority greater than law makers, political figures, or sense of nationalism.


October 14, 2018 – What’s your “Pinterest Fail”?  


August 26, 2018 — A Sermon on spiritual warfare.   check out sermon on facebook.

Posted by Asbury United Methodist Church on Tuesday, August 28, 2018


March 25, 2018 – Listen to this week’s sermon at Asbury by Rev. Melissa Hinnen. She reflects on her Wesleyan Heritage journey in England, making connections to the journey to the cross that begins on Palm Sunday . . . “if we are truly “all in” . . . truly have decided to follow Jesus . . . we must allow ourselves to engage in the messiness of humanity. Come face to face with the worst side of ourselves and make a decision to participate in the persecution or be vulnerable by sitting at the foot of the cross through the pain and trusting that once again we will experience resurrection”

March 4, 2018 -Listen to Sunday’s sermon by Rev. Melissa Hinnen based on John 2:13-22 “God was no longer confined to a building and had become incarnate in Jesus Christ. Jesus experienced the corruption in God’s house as a corruption in his own being . . . Jesus became the embodiment . . . the home of God. And we, who make up the church as disciples of Jesus Christ now embody the same spirit.”


February 25,2018 – Listen to Pastor Melissa’s sermon  based on Mark 8:31-38 (with a nod to Sophie and Hans Scholl and the White Rose student movement). “When Jesus says deny yourself, he is not saying that we must suffer for the sake of suffering. Though moving out of our comfort zone and making ourselves vulnerable is often painful. Like Peter, we don’t want to face the realities because there is too much on the line. It is simply too risky.

But in Christ we are released from oppression and relieved of our suffering – even if we continue to be in the same physical situation. It is our response to the suffering and our relationship with God that changes through our discipleship.”


February 4, 2018 – Listen to this morning’s sermon “From Sickness to Servant” by Pastor Melissa Hinnen in the voice of Simon’s mother-in-law. Mark 1:29-39   – All of us are empowered to love and serve in the name of God. 


February 11,2018  – “Realigning our Souls” Sermon by Rev. Melissa Hinnen
. . . sometimes staying in the moment and listening to gain clarity in a divine situation (or not so divine situation) is the best response.” Mark 9:2-9