Bethel Cemetery & Chapel



Bethel Chapel is located south on Old Post Rd. from the Church (between Rt 129 and Cleveland Drive). The entrance is on Old Post Road South, across from the Croton-Harmon High School, up the driveway to the top of the Cemetery Hill. It is a functioning house of worship. Funerals, weddings and Christmas Vespers are held here. Each year during August our regular Sunday Worship is held here.



Bethel Cemetery is located at the intersection of Radnor Avenue, Old Post Road and Cleveland Drive (formerly known as the Five Corners). Croton residents, of all religious denominations, have been buried here over the past two hundred years!

The cemetery is managed by the Trustees of the Asbury United Methodist Church.

A limited number of plots are still available for sale. Contact Tom Quartuccio, Cemetery Manager, at 914-271-3468 for details.

Information about the graves – photos and locations of individuals – may be found at
[for your searches Bethel Cemetery is located in Westchester County, New York State]



Altar inside the Chapel

Altar inside the Chapel

Situated on a hill adjacent to the old Albany and New York Post Road, and overlooking the Hudson River, Bethel Chapel numbered among its worshipers many of the man prominent in the early history of our nation and more particularly in founding of Cortlandttown and Westchester County. It was at Bethel Church, according to the Bolton’s history of Westchester, one Sunday evening when Colonel

Van Cortlandt was attending services, that he chanced and to see a well dressed Indian leaning on a window sill, listening to the sermon. On learning it was Brant, the Mohawk Indian chief, who was stopping at the tavern nearby, Colonel Van Cortlandt invited him to dine with the family at the Manor House nearby. The elite wars became the topic of conversation. The Colonel had once chased Brant and had been conscious that Indian sharpshooters had attempted to kill him while he was leaning against a tree. When the Colonel spoke of this incident, Brant replied: “I ordered one of my best marksman to pick you off, but you seem bulletproof. “historicsunday3

Within the cemetery sleep many men who have given their lives for their country. Every war, including the War of Independence far back in 1776, has contributed its quota. It likewise shelters in its bosom many of the men and women who served our community well and helped to build and plan our beautiful village of Croton-on-Hudson.